Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hooray for payday!

I was running low on ammunition, only four full boxes left. Seriously, though, I didn't do too badly at Thursday's "bowling" night. I did much better than the previous week, as I found out that I went too fast to get a good sight picture on my second run through the course. So I missed a lot on that one. This time I slowed down and took better aim and I hope it shows in scoring. I also had the opportunity to run some hollow-point bullets through my gun to see if they'll feed well in my gun.

Normally I'll use Blazer Brass/CCI ammunition firing a 180-grain full metal jacket round. My XD40 will feed those all day long unless I do something to interrupt it. Guns are like pets in some ways; they'll accept one bullet type and refuse to feed others. When you find a gun that works with all bullet weights and types in its caliber you rejoice. I changed from a 180-grain full metal jacket round from Blazer Brass/CCI to a 180-grain jacketed hollow-point round from Black Hills Ammunition. They're more expensive because they're 1) a smaller ammunition company and 2) defensive ammo is usually priced higher thanks to market forces.

The XD40 fired off the full magazine of Black Hills without a hitch. That's a good sign as I now know that my handgun works well with defensive ammunition as well as target loads. I also have a fourth company to possibly use when I purchase ammunition. All in all, the shooting has been good to me so far. I look forward to next week.

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