Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear Foreign Newspaper Editors

After reading snippets of your delightful little anti-gun editorials, I have one simple thing to say:

You want us to surrender our guns? Then come and take them. Otherwise, go pound sand up your asses until you make pearls. What? Can't do it yourself? How well has being passive gotten you? You've wound up with crass socialism pretending to be multi-party republics. The grievance groups in your midst threaten violent action, and you roll right over and apologize for not being passive enough. Is it better to live on your knees than die on your feet? Have you found that your chains hang lightly? Have the recent years of beatings, murders, seemingly endless nights of riots, bombings and rapes not given you a sense of why the United States even HAS a Second Amendment? I will not surrender the things that assist me in defending myself in order to gain your favor. You do not understand the responsibility that goes with gun ownership. You also do not understand the blood on your hands from failing to respect the individual's right to self-defense by trading it for a false sense of security. You think it's there because we allow guns in the first place? No, it's because our culture has removed any sense of responsibility or accountability on a personal level.

Responsibility and accountability have been thrown away because they're real downers. They're not needed for the modern adult. Standards of conduct have been removed because we don't wish to judge. Unless of course you judge that someone isn't having fun in a manner which removes all sense of responsibility or accountability. Then all bets are off and you're judging like there's no tomorrow! How dare someone live a life of self-control and self-discipline! Why, that's backwards thinking! On the contrary, sunshine, that's EXACTLY what we need. We need to remember that college is not for night after night of drunken stupors. It's there for education. It's there for hard work to prepare you for a life outside the equally-honorable manual trades. Is there time for fun? Yes. Time for the occasional foray into wild debauchery? Yes. Those times are rare, though. We should remember that. It seems that society would rather put off all the boring responsibility stuff and just party, party, party. We'll leave that to the state, to people smarter than us, to someone else who will think for us while we dance the night away. And sometimes we leave our difficult political thinking to those who we think write well. Sadly, those same people are often newspaper editors.

As for my opinions on newspaper editors? Fucking morons, the lot of them. And for any Americans who desperately want to be loved by Europe to the point of agreeing with their calls for stricter gun controls or outright bans? That goes double for you. Your calls for strict controls on anything even fighting-related and your conflation of pacifism and passivity have led to adults -- ADULTS -- cowering in their classrooms and being unable to resist. If your words have influenced our elected officials more than our voices as voters, the blood is on your hands as well.

Stop pretending that taking guns away will remove humanity's violent nature. It's insulting to our traditions, to our culture, and to our intelligence.

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