Thursday, April 19, 2007

Being Teased Used As Excuse For VA Tech Murderer's Rampage

My parents and gentler readers will have to excuse me for the foul language I am about to use.


For that matter, anyone who thinks this is a valid excuse or explanation for this little shit's shooting spree is quite frankly a Fucking Moron.

I know this from experience. I was treated like shit by my classmates all throughout my middle school years. I was singled out thanks to a small class size, labeled as "different" and subject to their insults. I hated the kids who did that to me. I wanted to get back at them in any way possible, even to the point of doing violence.

I chose to forgive them, no matter how difficult it was, no matter the damage to my pride. For all my thoughts of revenge, I eventually allowed myself to fully think through everything. I needed help when interpreting the concept got too big for my limited experience and got it from my family. I originally used the cynical "Ah, they're not worth the bullets it would take" line of thought, but that left resentment. It took me years to accept that I could forgive them, but I did it. I don't know if they ever grew out of the emotions that led them to act as they did. I don't care, and can still be polite to them should I ever see any of them again. I realize their actions have made me tough enough to handle those insults and sensitive enough to know I shouldn't act that way. I realize I should defend those going through the same thing.

When someone decides that shooting his classmates is the answer to teasing, I can't defend that. I condemn it instead. I can't grieve for that shooter. He chose wrongly, he refused to forgive, and now he's stolen the lives of 32 people and damaged the lives of dozens more. His social life is no excuse for his actions. The little shit who did this is no victim of society. He's no victim at all, he thought his inability to get along was more important than other people. That kind of selfishness must be fought. If it can be stopped early, good. If it grows to the point of violence, then we must be able to remove him from society. Guns are the last resort, the final alternative to letting people like him take lives as they please.

This is why I own a gun. I don't own it for revenge, for power, or for a desire to kill. I own a gun because I don't know when I'll run out of nonviolent alternatives to prevent someone from doing as they please to me or those whom I love. If all I ever need to do is use it at the range for sport shooting, I'll be happy.

So, any of you who think this bastard was justified because he was teased, here's your Official Clue: It's this opinion that makes you a Fucking Moron. Being verbally abused never gives you the right to kill anyone. Got it? Good.

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