Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why is this writer smiling?

I took the Revelation (a Marlin 60 re-branded for the old Western Auto Supply Co.) to the rifle range today. I put about 100 rounds through it today. Since it's an indoor range, my longest distance allowed was 50 yards, and only seated at a bench. The rifle lanes are actually four huge concrete culvert pipes laid out to make the range. They're set too high for prone shooting, and too low for standing shooting. If you want a good idea of the gun's accuracy, though, benchrest firing is the way to do it before you take it to an outdoor range. I used only the adjustable sights instead of the scope that came with it. This rifle shoots wonderfully. If I didn't have my XD40 waiting to be put through its paces, I could have stayed at the rifle range all day. I'm getting better and better with the XD as well, now I'm getting about 85 to 90 percent inside the 7-ring on the targets, and getting a lot more bulls-eyes than I used to. Soon, I'll have burned through the 10 boxes of Blazer Brass I have with me, and I'll need to go looking for more. Sure, the hobby gets a mite expensive after a while, but knowing that you can hit what you're aiming at and hit it precisely is worth the money.

So help me, but I do love my hobby.

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