Thursday, March 29, 2007

When one firing lane just isn't enough...

Try your hand at an IPSC-style shooting match. The one I tried tonight was a short run starting from a seated position (Short Run II, I think it's called) and I had as much fun watching others run the course as I had running it. I will have to pick up some magazine holders and extra magazines, though. Maybe even a new holster, even though the XD Gear holster is pretty darn good for the match. I ran my stock XD40 Service with 3 12-round magazines, and set my time to beat at a little under 55 seconds. I'll have to check my scores at the range next week, but I heard a lot of Alphas and Bravos being called out. There were a couple of other guys running stock XD9s and they did pretty good, too. We were outdoing some of the racegun* guys as far as accuracy went, too. I think that was more due to luck than skill, though. Our youngest shooter was a 9-year old girl who brought in a .22LR pistol and did very well. From the amount of flame coming out of the barrel I thought she was firing .45s for a second. In addition, there are lots of friendly people at range I go to who do this, and they're all about helping each other do better with each competition.

So, yeah, I think I've found my version of bowling night with the guys.

*racegun: A tricked-out handgun (usually a Model 1911-style .45 handgun) that has a large sight, recoil compensating weights, springs and guiderods, a lighter trigger pull and gas porting to keep the gun on target after each shot. Very expensive, kind of odd-looking to me, but amazing for getting lead on target quickly and accurately.

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