Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weekly Practice Leads to Better Shooting

I am proof of this and I am very happy with my shooting this week.

Well, I'll be. The advice I picked up last week about changing the amount of finger coverage I put on the trigger made a HUGE difference. Now I'm only an inch or so to the right of the bullseye. Out of my last 50 rounds, All 50 hit the paper, all but 6 hitting within the 5" circle target, and 20 of those 44 hitting inside either the black 7, 8 or 9 rings, or in the bullseye (got 5 of those).

I tried out pulling the trigger from the first joint of the index finger instead of from the fingertip like I have normally used. The XD series of handguns uses a trigger safety in addition to the backstrap safety, thus making it very difficult for accidental discharges to occur. Unfortunately, this also means that it's difficult to get a clean pull of the trigger when using the edge of the fingertip. It will feel like it's grinding against something. With the new trigger pull technique, the trigger pulls smoothly to the detent, and firing is beautiful from there.

Now to work more with my arm strength so I don't shake so much, I suppose. I guess I have a reason to exercise after all. Not only that, the guy who gave me that tip runs a gun shop in town. I think I'll be making a "thank you" purchase at his store very soon.

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