Monday, March 12, 2007

A long weekend, but a good one, nonetheless

No shooting report this week as I had something a bit more important going on. My old computer had been limping along with one repair after another, until finally a motherboard blew out. I think the problem was due to the power supply being wonky. Anyway, the motherboard died and I replaced it only to get that serious smell of superhot wires again. I also placed an order for a new computer. A month later, I finally have the new computer. To make things worse, I have to supply my own power cord because one didn't come with the computer! Fortunately, I have spares ao no time was wasted in getting things done. The old computer gets its stuff transferred to the new one, I spend time trying to get the new one to work with minimum of fuss, and software headaches abound. And yet, it does turn out to play City of Heroes VERY VERY VERY nicely. So, I call it good and go on my merry way. I finally managed to get everything set up "just so" last night.

Sunday, however, I helped out at the initiation and ceremonials for the Knights of Columbus councils around Highland. Lots of fun. What goes on there, you ask?

Can you keep a secret?

So can I.


Anyway, it's a lot of fun helping out with those initiations. The men you meet at a Knights of Columbus initiation are all the same in one respect: they're Catholic men looking to serve God by serving their entire community and supporting their Church. Does it make us suddenly smug and self-righteous? Nope. It does make us a lot of fun around Lent, though, when Council halls all across the United States start with the Friday fish fries. And besides, after a while you get a cape, a sword, AND a funny hat. What's not to love?

If you're a Catholic man who is looking to serve the people around you with other men in a fraternal spirit, I'd like to ask you to check with your parish to see if it has a council or see if they know who is on a home council. Check with them and also check the Knights of Columbus homepage. You might find the Knights are exactly what you're looking for.

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