Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I hope Illinois Gun Owners' Lobby Day was a success. Because of my job's restrictions on participating in partisan political activities, I went and changed the oil in my truck and then helped prepare my Knights of Columbus Council Hall for our regular Lenten fish fries, held on Friday, of course.

And for what it's worth, the arguments in the Legislature over banning .50 caliber rifles is pretty stupid. The guns are expensive, the ammunition is expensive, and you make a lot of noise with them. In the civilian world, these are for competition shooters only. Anyone who tries a drive-by with one is going to regret it, and the guns are unwieldy enough to where you'd be hard-pressed to rob a place with it. Why? Someone with a smaller gun will be able to outmaneuver you and shoot you. Anyway, it's a case of people looking like they're trying to "do something" about gun violence and going after the wrong people yet again. Morons, the lot of them.

Go after the criminals, not the citizens!

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