Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another good one leaves us

National Review Online writer and blogger of many things Californian Cathy Seipp has died of non-smoking-related lung cancer. If you read through her blog, she went into detail about it. Even after that, she still found time to gore whatever tofu-eating oxen California had offered up in the name of sheer inanity. She had plenty to say about Blue Cross as well. I can only hope I never have to go through that nightmare. Rest in peace, Cathy.

CORRECTION (03/22/07) I was a few hours early with this, as shown in the comments. I read Lewis Fein's first blurb and it sounded like she had already passed. I apologize for any confusion I caused with my blog entry.


Ideefixe said...

Cathy's still hanging in there, and is out of the ICU. So, keep hoping.

jim treacher said...

As of this morning, she was still hanging on.