Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well, I got over to the range early and before I knew it, I was through 100 rounds. After my usual 50-shot warmup, I "scored" the other 50. I got about 36 out of 50 in the target ring. 72% is actually a little worse, especially when you see that the flyers went just about everywhere. After that, it was off to the gunsmith's to pick up the old .22 and .410 that Dad gave to me. I had them cleaned up and readied for use. The .22 is in perfect condition, but the .410 may not have much life left in it. I can't fire any "hot" loads in it, and even rabbit & squirrel loads might be too much for it depending on the brand. So if I do use it, I'm limited to small birds and target shooting for the most part. It's an old shotgun, so some care does need to be taken with it. The rust is gone, the wood furniture on it has been restored and looks beautiful. It's a shame I can't use it for a rabbit gun. I guess the .22 will be pulling that duty as well.

While I was at one of the local gun shops, I picked up some interesting advice about firing my XD from one of the local NRA instructors. The trigger safety makes it difficult to use just my fingertip, as I don't get a smooth trigger pull. So, I'm going to try using my finger at the first joint instead of the tip. I've noticed a lot less pull in dryfiring the gun, so maybe it will help me as much as switching hands did. I hope so.

Also, I can't believe how bad the weather was around here today. Yesterday it was pleasant for winter, and today, nothing but cold rain and high winds. I'm hoping to avoid another ice storm. Two of them are enough for one winter in Springfield.

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