Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It must be Lent...

Why? Just like last year with The DaVinci Code, Christianity's basic tenets are being attacked again. Look, we have faith in Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection. James Cameron (the guy who directed "Aliens" and "Titanic") is trying to throw doubt into the mix, saying he's found the tomb where Jesus and his family have been found. So of course, he made a documentary about it.

Unfortunately, he's got to remember that Jesus didn't get married. Peter, first among apostles, was married. Jesus? Not married. He was a bit busy for that. To make things worse for Cameron, Jesus is a pretty common name for the time. I've seen it transcribed as Yeshua, which also translates to "Joshua" in English.

So, yes, he could have found a the tomb of a guy named Jesus who married a woman named Mary. Is it the Tomb of Jesus Christ, Son of God? No.

I find it odd that the greatest media attacks on Christianity seem to occur during Lent. Why are these people afraid of our faith? What scares them so much in our trying to emulate Jesus and worship God peacefully? I don't get it.

Look, I don't proselytize much. When I do, I'm usually trying to get other lapsed Catholics to go back to Mass, to pray, all that normal stuff. Am I going to be some moral scold to non-Catholics? Only on abortion, not on going to church. I've got a lot of other non-religious reasons for the abortion thing, too. Ask me about them if you want. I have my faith and if it offends you perhaps you should rethink your priorities.

Anyway. To all those moral relativists out there claiming that Christians always try to change their views and respond by trying to debunk the life of Jesus Christ: hypocritical much? So yeah, you throw an insult, I respond, and we go around in circles again and again. So, let's do the "live and let live" thing. This is going to require a bit more work on anti-Christians' parts, though.

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