Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On a related note, the priests running Catholic Ragemonkey have decided to shut down their blog. I can understand why they would do that. Blogging can take a lot of time away from your life.
It must be Lent...

Why? Just like last year with The DaVinci Code, Christianity's basic tenets are being attacked again. Look, we have faith in Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection. James Cameron (the guy who directed "Aliens" and "Titanic") is trying to throw doubt into the mix, saying he's found the tomb where Jesus and his family have been found. So of course, he made a documentary about it.

Unfortunately, he's got to remember that Jesus didn't get married. Peter, first among apostles, was married. Jesus? Not married. He was a bit busy for that. To make things worse for Cameron, Jesus is a pretty common name for the time. I've seen it transcribed as Yeshua, which also translates to "Joshua" in English.

So, yes, he could have found a the tomb of a guy named Jesus who married a woman named Mary. Is it the Tomb of Jesus Christ, Son of God? No.

I find it odd that the greatest media attacks on Christianity seem to occur during Lent. Why are these people afraid of our faith? What scares them so much in our trying to emulate Jesus and worship God peacefully? I don't get it.

Look, I don't proselytize much. When I do, I'm usually trying to get other lapsed Catholics to go back to Mass, to pray, all that normal stuff. Am I going to be some moral scold to non-Catholics? Only on abortion, not on going to church. I've got a lot of other non-religious reasons for the abortion thing, too. Ask me about them if you want. I have my faith and if it offends you perhaps you should rethink your priorities.

Anyway. To all those moral relativists out there claiming that Christians always try to change their views and respond by trying to debunk the life of Jesus Christ: hypocritical much? So yeah, you throw an insult, I respond, and we go around in circles again and again. So, let's do the "live and let live" thing. This is going to require a bit more work on anti-Christians' parts, though.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well, I got over to the range early and before I knew it, I was through 100 rounds. After my usual 50-shot warmup, I "scored" the other 50. I got about 36 out of 50 in the target ring. 72% is actually a little worse, especially when you see that the flyers went just about everywhere. After that, it was off to the gunsmith's to pick up the old .22 and .410 that Dad gave to me. I had them cleaned up and readied for use. The .22 is in perfect condition, but the .410 may not have much life left in it. I can't fire any "hot" loads in it, and even rabbit & squirrel loads might be too much for it depending on the brand. So if I do use it, I'm limited to small birds and target shooting for the most part. It's an old shotgun, so some care does need to be taken with it. The rust is gone, the wood furniture on it has been restored and looks beautiful. It's a shame I can't use it for a rabbit gun. I guess the .22 will be pulling that duty as well.

While I was at one of the local gun shops, I picked up some interesting advice about firing my XD from one of the local NRA instructors. The trigger safety makes it difficult to use just my fingertip, as I don't get a smooth trigger pull. So, I'm going to try using my finger at the first joint instead of the tip. I've noticed a lot less pull in dryfiring the gun, so maybe it will help me as much as switching hands did. I hope so.

Also, I can't believe how bad the weather was around here today. Yesterday it was pleasant for winter, and today, nothing but cold rain and high winds. I'm hoping to avoid another ice storm. Two of them are enough for one winter in Springfield.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My computer's broken. The computer would get up to speed, it would finish the boot process with Windows and then shut off after an hour. Then I'd try it again, and it would shut off after about 20 minutes. After that it would shut off after and occasionally during the boot process. I was hoping it was a power supply, but no luck there. So, my next guess is a cracked motherboard. Either way, I ordered a new computer and hopefully it will come in soon. Blogging on someone else's computer is not fun.

No shooting this week despite the holiday. I planned to go to the indoor range on Monday, but I started re-reading through Volume 12 of Naruto and before I knew it I'd wasted most of the day. So, I need to get on the ball Saturday and get over to the range early. The XD40 looked a little unloved there.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well, whatever it was I did last week that was good, this week was the exact opposite. It was freezing at the indoor range so I was having enough trouble shivering through one shot after another. I noticed when I would push down and anticipate recoil, when I had too much finger on the trigger and such.

What makes it bad is that I did very little to fix the anticipation or trigger problems. I could not hit that mental zone at all for the life of me today. Shots went all over the target and what grouping I did have was still low and to the right. I had maybe two or three decent shots near the center of the target, but everything else was just plain awful.

Oh well, there's always next week and one hundred more bullets.

My goal for next week is still 8 out of 12 shots in the center mass area of the target at a distance of 7 yards. This week's goal was not met. So I have to do it next week.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well, I put 100 more rounds through the gun today firing from my right hand instead of my left. There was a HUGE improvement as I got used to firing right-handed. My first three or four magazines were still pretty random, but I noticed that the groups were getting smaller and moving more and more to the center of the target as I got used to using my right arm for something other than ballast. I currently shoot at the 7-yard line at the range.

Once I got warmed up with the first 4 magazines, I "scored" myself on the last 4. I had to shoot 8 of 12 shots into center mass as part of this week's goal. I was still off, getting only about 7 out of 12 with three of the last four magazines.

I put 9 of 12 in center mass on my last target. I hit that mental state where I notice things like my stance and my breath control as well. One went very low as I pushed forward, and two missed center mass because I pulled the gun to the right with my trigger finger. So my goal of 8 shots out of 12 was missed this time. Next Saturday, though, I think I should be able to do that. Next Saturday will also be when I put my 1000th shot through the XD40. Hopefully it will be a good one.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Primer on "Assault Weapons"

This footage was shot back in 1989 after the mass shooting incident in Stockton, California. We see the differences between the AK-series of automatic rifle, and the SKS-series of semiautomatic rifles. Notice the "sporterized" version of the SKS. It's the same action as the other semi-auto rifle. The conversion from "friendly" to "assault weapon" is well-shown by changing the stock on a Ruger Mini-14. Its a good way of showing that a ban on semi-automatic weapons has great consequences to Second Amendment rights.