Tuesday, December 26, 2006

That Claus feller does good once more

Christmas is over so let's take a little stock, shall we?

Midnight Mass at my parish: if any Catholics out there have not gone to a Midnight Mass, I'll tell you that you're missing out. The choir was nothing short of amazing, the church was packed, and I saw more kids there than I've seen at any Mass I've attended since I moved back to Springfield. What was more amazing was the number of unaccompanied kids. There were so many middle school and high school students there without their parents. There were ten or so altar servers as well, which is something I don't remember from when I worked Christmas Masses. It's worth going to Midnight Mass at least once in your life.

Christmas dinner: Dad went all out and made Prime Rib. Between that and the loaded twice-baked potatoes, it was agreed to be the best Christmas dinner my parents ever made.

Christmas Day: Opening presents later in the day is better than waking up at 6 am, especially if you didn't get to bed until 4.

The Swag: Less than previous years, as I hoped for. A new winter coat and a wristwatch were all I got with the rest of the money my folks saved for presents going to various charities. That's what I'd rather see done instead of buying me more stuff.

My Christmas present to me: A Springfield Armory XD40. It's the only handgun I've got at the moment, but that'll change. I've spent the time since I picked it up doing little more than familiarization exercises. I'm not at the point where I can field strip it blindfolded (and why would I want to do that anyway?) but I am familiar with it enough to where I can shoot safely. The ammunition isn't cheap, but it's worth the expense to be able to shoot well. Now if I could schedule some range time I'd be set. The thing I found a little weird was that it's cheaper to purchase a new semiautomatic pistol over a new revolver. I don't get that at all. My guess is that it's due to the polymer frame. It makes the gun lighter, that's for sure. The steel slide, barrel, and spring are very well-made and the other steel parts in the frame are very nicely made. The feed springs in the magazines I got are stiff. And by stiff I mean it makes me wonder if the springs really haven't been replaced with a solid block of metal. They're supposed to break in after a few uses, though. The sooner the better.

I hope everyone got something they were hoping for this year.

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