Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hooray for winter!

And I mean that very sarcastically. I was shutting my computer down for the night last Friday morning when the power went out completely. Mind you, this means no heat, no light, no cable, and no internet. Horrors! Thankfully the phone lines still worked, so I have to give credit to AT&T for winterproofing their circuitry. I am very happy we have a gas water heater in the house, so it kept us able to at least have hot showers in the morning. When I wake up later on Friday morning, I call into work to let them know that I'm snowed in with no power so I won't be making it in. I get called not a half-hour later by our HR coordinator letting me know that our agency building is without power as well, so I shouldn't come in. So, I have the day off to... do absolutely nothing but listen to talk radio. This is not exactly what you'd call good.

Later that evening, we head over to my grandmother's house for a hot meal, and Dad and I decide to stay at the house while Mom stays at my grandmother's place, this way if the power comes back up we'll be on site to get everything up and running properly. We look outside, and see that our neighbors across the street all have power, but our section of the block is still without power. Meanwhile it's getting colder and colder here. So, while listening to the All-Night Diner on 970 AM (hey, I like the old standards as much as I like more modern music) I finally drift off under about six blankets. I wake up again to notice that it's extremely warm in bed. It's not the cat snuggled in next to me, since he got up and roamed around the house. I open up one eye and I swear I'm hallucinating. It looks like the living room light is on. I stagger to the door and look. My digital clock is flashing, the lights are on, and wonder of wonders I feel heat emanating from the registers. The power returned about two hours before I woke up. I wake Dad up and we get to the business of checking the house for any problems. All told we found a two-inch layer of ice underneath about six and a half inches of snow. The ice build-up on the power lines that led to our stretch of the neighborhood had snapped due to that ice. I'll also give credit to the City Water, Light and Power utilitymen who worked double shifts to get the city up and running again. They're okay in my book.

So yeah, winter can bite me. This is why I like summer. You don't have to worry about scraping heat off of your windshield. If you lose power to your house, you're not stuck there, either.

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