Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hey, all.

I'm still around, just trying to find more time for blogging. Now that I'm not doing the politics thing anymore, it's getting more and more difficult to find stuff to write about. This is one of those lazy Sunday evenings when I don't have much to do except for laundry. Sometimes being content and having everything done makes you feel like something is missing. So, I start surfing the web, hoping to find something new or different. I did happen to find a business out there that has a great sense of humor, and tries to make the foundation repair business go from boring to fun. The Crack Team is a chain of contractors who repair cracks in the foundation of your house. Then, there's the mascot they use for their company, a happy fellow by the name of Mr. Happy Crack. I am not making this up. His motto of "A Dry Crack Is A Happy Crack" immediately sends your mind back to sophomore year in high school. I have no idea if this company is any good or not, but take a look at the sites. For lack of a better phrase, it'll crack you up.

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