Friday, October 06, 2006

Good vs. Evil Upgrade pack is up!

For all of you City of Heroes fans out there, the online upgrade has been available since yesterday. It's got some nice additions to the game based on what I saw. The new costume pieces look very nice, especially for heroes.

The Tiki Lounge room is very nice, and I think the game developers will have something cooked up for the Lounge, otherwise we have just another room. I'm hoping some kind of specially-generated content will be given over to the Tiki Lounge, even if it's something as silly as running a mission to help the torches burning.

I haven't tried out the Jump Pack yet, but so far all the reviews I've heard of it make it sound useful to low-level and high level characters alike. I'll give it a shot eventually.

So far, though, it's worth the extra money. I would recommend that new players start with this edition, and that veterans stick with the download.

The only problem so far has been that you cannot purchase the upgrade codes with Mastercard. Apparently NCSoft (the company who hosts and runs the game) got slapped with hundreds of fraudulent charges through Mastercard. Other cards have not yet had this problem. If you have a Visa (including gift card and debit card), Discover, or Amex card you should be fine. There is supposedly a Mastercard workaround, but I don't want to list it in case it's a workaround that can be easily exploited.

The upgrade, though, makes me look forward to Issue 8.l It's just that nice.

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