Saturday, September 30, 2006

City of Heroes Latest Edition Is Out

The fact that it's currently exclusive to Wal-Mart has irked many of the louder voices of the CoH community, as they've swallowed the "Wal-Mart is the epitome of evil in the world today" line. Myself, I can't see getting it since it's on DVD and my computer has no DVD drive. Not only that, I can just order the extras online and be done with it.

I had a rant about why so many people have accepted the "Wal-Mart is the devil" reasoning, but it's not really germane to the discussion about the game.

There's going to be some new goodies for players with this edition. First off, you get what are being called Veteran Rewards. Basically, you get all kinds of freebies for your characters. This includes new costume pieces, a few different animations for running, and even access to a new map for hero/villain interaction that isn't a new player vs. player zone. I might be able to use some of this stuff, so I'll wind up getting access for it through the City of Heroes website instead of picking up a box an DVD.

This edition is leading up to Issue 8, the latest set of patches and game upgrades for the game. Heroes are now going to get a lot of the things that made City of Villains so different from its heroic counterpart. Heroes now get the "police band radio" option which will allow you to get various missions at random. One of the least used zones, Faultline, is getting refurbished. I understand why they're doing that. Faultline frankly is a pain to navigate, and if you have Super Speed instead of Flight, Super Jump or Teleportation as a power, you shouldn't even bother going there. So, they say it's going to be rebuilt with some new additions. I like the sound of that.

So yes, I'm pretty sure I'll keep subscribing to this game. So far they haven't disappointed me with anything.

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