Thursday, August 24, 2006

In one week...

In one week, this blog will have a major restructuring.

In one week, this blog will drastically change its tone and subject.

In one week, I will start my new state job that will require me to be very very very apolitical. No fund-raising, no campaigning, nothing of the sort. In order to ensure that my future posts will not be considered favoring one group over another, I'm doing away with political posting. My past posts, however, still stand on who I did or did not favor. It's safe to say that I will no longer air those views publically. This is pretty much the end of any Monday-morning punditry on my part. I'll still talk religion every so often, but the blog is going to become more and more a "whatever I want to post today" blog. I'll probably wind up posting screenshots from my City of Heroes game, writing posts on historical subjects that interest me, things like that.

As for politics, that subject is no longer a going concern here. Sorry, gang.

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