Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not really news, but not really not-news

Song of the Suburbs has moved its headquarters from the lovely Northwest Suburbs of Cook County to scenic Springfield, Illinois. That's right, folks, I'm back in my hometown, trying to find work and get ready for whatever the world throws at me. It's nice to be back, though. I forgot how much I missed the old place in the summer. I'm going to try to get back on track for geting my Masters degree in History, hopefully at UIS. I want to teach, and hopefully I can do so at the college level once I'm done ("once I'm done" meaning "once I get my Ph.D. as well"). I'm going to miss my old stomping grounds and the quick availability of sushi places and diners like The Buffalo and the Omega, but it's time to get serious about my further education and what God has called me to do.

So all of you upstaters, have fun and don't wreck the place. I'll be back there soon.

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