Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hey, all.

I may not do much updating in the next three weeks or so. I have a new job with new demands, one of which is spending the next three weeks pulling 14-hour shifts.

So, I'm going to leave you for the time being with another FAQ-style article from the State Journal-Register on our local brouhaha over a new power plant, the city government and the Sierra Club. Once again, I have to give credit to the SJ-R. Ask questions, get answers, write the answers down. It's simple reporting that's quick and effective. Older readers might find dense text to be a sign of better writing, but readers younger than me are more used to this style of writing from the various Frequently Asked Questions lists that inhabit the Internet. People who want to go deeper into the story now have a good set of starting points, and the rest of us have the story broken down into more comprehensible chunks. It also has a good recap of previous articles and discussions, allowing new residents to get informed quickly about their new home. This will help keep the readers informed and more able to retain that information.

Can this FAQ format be biased and rigged to present one side? It certainly can be biased just as much as any other article can be rigged to favor one group over another. I would like to see more articles in this format in the future. Given a little more time, I think Springfield readers will enjoy the ease with which they can bash local pols over the head with their errors thanks to the new style of writing.

See you guys in a few weeks. Take care!

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