Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nice news on the Klocek-DePaul front

Professor Thomas Klocek, formerly of DePaul University, has filed a defamation suit against the university claiming that they manipulated his statements to make him look racist towards Palestinian students and bigoted against Muslims.

Judge Stuart Nudelman of the Illinois Circuit County Law Division Court agrees with Professor Klocek and is allowing the suit to move forward to a jury trial. Named defendants in the suit are Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, DePaul U.'s president and School for New Learning Dean Susan Dumbleton. Best of luck and Godspeed, Professor.

Father Holtschneider caved to Palestinian Muslim students as did Dean Dumbleton when they complained that Professor Klocek argued with them and said they were wrong.

Now, if you complain about a guy who says that we deserved the attacks on September 11, 2001, you're an evil person who constricts free speech. If you complain that obnoxious Palestinian students are being told to rethink their violent stands on Israel, you're fired. If you hold a bake sale with lower prices for minority students to protest preferential treatment in a society that strives to not make race an issue in education, you're run off of the campus. Rip into Republicans, orthodox Catholics, and anyone else who is more likely to pray than saw someone's head off with a knife, well, those people are fair game.

What the heck is Father Holtschneider thinking? Does he believe that letting a bunch of obnoxious students get away with condoning terrorist attacks on Israel is in line with Catholic teaching? The suicide bombings perpetrated by Palestinian political groups againstIsrael definitely does not fall into being supported by the "Just War" theory.

Has Father Holtschneider decided to coddle these students in hopes that they don't use violence on his campus? That's what it seems like to me.

Thanks to Thomas Cieselka for the information about the trial.

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