Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quick post, no facts, just opinion

Work is ramping up beyond the usual levels of silliness and writer's block is creeping up on me, so I'm just going to make this quick. I hate being a week behind on this stuff. Bear with me

Islam vs. editorial cartoonists: If those cartoons had been about Pope Benedict XVI, they'd have been all over the US media. Why? Catholics don't riot these days over cartoons. We pray and go on tv to yell at some smarmy agnostic (because doubting the existence of God is always in style, don't you know) Manhattanite in a nice suit or "fashionable" casuals, then it blows over. Mind you, if the New York Times tried to find a Muslim who was neither an aggrieved warrior of God nor a shell-shocked and hollow stare-afflicted victim of a corrupt and imperialist US or Israeli policy, they couldn't.

Dick Cheney's hunting accident: I pity the guy. GOP politicians and gun safety should go hand-in-hand. This accident, though, will keep left-leaning "humorists" in material for months. He did own up to it, though. I hope his hunting buddy gets better soon.

The Chicago Archdoicese: Cardinal George did the right thing in accepting responsibility for the actions of the priest at St. Agatha parish. I hope these allegations prove false not just for the priest's sake, but the sake of everyone involved. Sexual abuse by clergy and teachers adds an even deeper level of fear and pain to what is already a bad situation. The fans of the cardinal need to make sure their fervor doesn't blind them to any wrongdoing, and those who have undergone such horrific abuses must not judge before the whole story is heard.

I have to wonder where Governor Blagojevich is going to get all of this new money for his proposed budget. 1.4 billion dollars of increased spending from last year, with 200 million of it in new initiatives is not going to invest in itself. The state pension fund is being raided over and over again with no sign of repayment, either. Ol' Blaggie has either got to raise income and property taxes (which will be the death knell for his career as governor) or cut programs, roll back spending on other programs, and reduce spending on contracts (which will be the death knell for his donations for any political office). Either way, the gov needs to make some tough decisions. I say he needs to cut programs and repay pension debts, and if he won't then his successor will if his successor knows how to run a state.

That's all I have for now, folks. Catch you when I catch you.

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