Wednesday, December 28, 2005

NPR sued for fraud?

Okay, this is just stupid. Because a Detroit area public radio station changes its format, listeners are suing under the claim that they were defrauded. I think it's funny that liberals are suing a liberal bastion of news and information. I also think it's very unfair that listeners are expecting to be able to make management decisions. Seriously, folks, if you don't like a radio station, turn the dial and don't contribute to it during pledge drives. I don't listen to much public radio unless they're playing classical music. All Things Considered is actually kind of boring compared to being able to read newspapers and wire services all over the world. That and the "you are there" sound effects of some of the pieces are hokey if not outright pathetic. If I'm listening to the radio in the car it's because I want traffic or weather information, or else I'm listening to an internet radio feed. I will admit, however, that I have gotten quite a few stories that have piqued my interest thanks to Don Wade & Roma, the WLS morning hosts. I guess the sleepy monotone of NPR's news programs just rubs me the wrong way. In my younger days I enjoyed NPR mostly due to Car Talk. Even then I balanced out their news with other sources.

All in all, NPR doesn't have to worry too much. If all else fails the WDET management can just find the bureaucratic layering needed to shield itself thanks to the federal government. It's very sad to see the lawsuit culture attacking a network that has championed so many lawsuits and the victims who brought those suits to court.

I suppose they'd have just burned the station down if the managers had added a radio version of "Firing Line" or somesuch.

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