Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vatican Speaks Against Gay Seminarians - Yahoo! News

I guess I did find something else interesting to talk about today. This instruction from the Pope is wrong on a moral level. Gays have enough problems, and now denying them a chance to serve God and their community is going to make things worse. It makes me wonder what the Vatican wants. Do they want more married couples to create large families, or do they want more priests, who cannot marry and start families? Either way, denying holy orders to gays is very difficult to justify. I've said time and time again that one's sexual preference is a test to both the individual and the community. There may not be out-and-out acceptance of homosexuals or bisexuals in the community, and the non-straight community may not accept straight culture, either. At the very least, though, there must be a tolerance or truce. Our groups might not be able to share holiday photos with each other and talk about last night's game, but at the very least we should be able to have the societal version of nodding one's head in acknowledgement and muttering "hey" or "how's it goin'?"as we pass by in the hallway.

I hope that God will change Pope Benedict's mind and heart on this subject. The Catholic Church's clergy needs reform and desperately so, but this is not the way to do it. When I pray for the good guidance and judgment for our Pope and bishops at Mass, this will be the reason why.

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