Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday night wrap-up

Good evening, one and all. This late-night edition of Song of the Suburbs is going to be quick. I'll start out with something near and dear to my heart, the troubles at Southern Illinois University. Chancellor Wendler is still holding out for a meeting with the DOJ to explain their fellowship award practices in order to prevent a lawsuit. Apparently, the lawsuit is considered the first of its kind in dealing with this type of reverse discrimination. It's like black conservative writer LaShawn Barber said in a recent post: A government with the power to discriminate in favor of blacks also has the power to discriminate against blacks.

Would that everyone with hands in this issue of race preferences remember that piece of wisdom. Is it so much to ask that we have a diverse society but a colorblind government?

On the sports front: The Indianapolis Colts are 9-0. This makes me very happy that I stayed with them through the lean times of the early 90s. I remember the 1-15 season, all too well. The 7-3 SIU Salukis are eleventh in the 1-AA coaches' poll. (Hey, I might complain about the the knuckleheads running the schooling side of SIU, but I still keep up with the sports teams.) Things aren't looking as good as the past two years, but it's still better than when I attended. Go Dawgs!

And finally, I've had a chance to further monkey around with the City of Heroes expansion (cunningly called City of Villains) and realized that being villainous just isn't my style. There's some nice stuff to be found, sure, but you're still doing bad things to other people. It's nothing to be sad over, I just prefer being on the side of the good and just when dealing with superpowered fictional characters, much like in real life.

Besides, if I do manage to get my Ph.D. and don't get a job teaching, I can find a career in superheroing alongside such notable characters as Doc Savage, Doctor Strange (along with other minor Marvel characters as Doc Samson and Doctor Druid), Dr. Mid-Nite (from the Justice Society of America) and a plethora of other superheroes. Of course, there are plenty of evil doctors out there, too: Doctor Doom, DC's Doctor Light, and of course Austin Powers' nemesis Doctor Evil. I think I'll stay with the superhero schtick. Truth, justice and the American Way are my kinda things worth fighting for.

Talk to you guys later. I'm sure more will come of the SIU flap. Stay tuned!

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