Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If it's Tuesday, it must be the Tuesday Post

Hey, hey, all!

Thanks to James Lileks, I found this fine little article about a northside Chicago bakery with a mind-your-kids policy. I have to applaud this guy for his guts, since you don't see too many places telling customers to rein in their childrens' more boisterous activities. It's a shame proprietors have to tell parents to keep their kids quiet these days. I don't remember ever getting away with any of the things that parents my age allow their toddlers to do. Then again, I had parents who taught me how to behave from the beginning. I also believe a trip to this establishment is in order if only to try out the goods.

While I'm at it, I suggest you visit James Lileks' website. It's great fun made by a great writer. It's more than just his blog and if you like anything dealing with the old middlebrow culture of the late 1950s-early 1960s (or the vicious lampooning of said culture) you'll love his site.

What do you know? Looks like AT&T is back to doing... well, what AT&T was doing prior to the Bell breakup in 1984. Is there still reason to worry about a monopoly, or are the other phone companies really that competitive? Or is this going to be more of what I call a "market monopoly" where one company has a huge advantage of market share over others like Microsoft vs. Linux or Apple systems? Technically, they're not a monopoly, but they're really the only game in town.

Before I get all Chicago-area on you, I'd like to add this. The Indianapolis Colts are 10-0. Back in 1991, I'd never have thought I'd seen this, when the team went 1-15. Perseverance is a wonderful thing.

Back to things Chicago-related: Jose Padilla is going to get his day in court. If these charges are true, we've got yet another reason to worry about home-grown terrorists. It's not just the McVeighs and Lindhs to watch anymore. Something tells me that domestic terrorists aren't just whitebread suburbanites and farmboys anymore.

By the by, have you heard the crock about lefty blogs trying to spread the idea that white phosphorous rounds are chemical weapons of the same type and mission as nerve agents like VX or sarin, or even blood agents or mustard gas? Jeff Goldstein smacks around some of the more dunderheaded members of the esteemed opposition. Yep, white phosphorous rounds are designed to generate smoke, and smoke of any kind is something you don't want to inhale. (I say this as a former smoker, if you must know.) And yes, they create very nasty burns if it lands on you, and it burns under water. It also makes a great way to get people out of confined areas in combat situations. It doesn't create a huge fireball like a fuel-air explosive does, nor is it normally used to poison the air and kill people like real chemical agents. But it does require some special handling and inhaling smoke is bad. So to the left it's obviously a chemical weapon! It's used for area denial like sarin! To those folks who believe that white phosphorous smoke is on par with sarin, I say this: HOGWASH! If that's the case, campfires and cookouts are horrific generators of chemical weapons, and the madness must stop now!

Yeah, I think the anti-war crowd is grasping at straws, too.

Finally, something that ties the Iraq war to Chicago: Hillary Clinton. The former Chicagoan who now is a lifelong New Yorker by way of Arkansas is saying that pulling troops out of Iraq now as per the demand of Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is a big mistake, but that giving indefinite military support to the Iraqis is a bad idea, too. Really? Next the Senator will say that water also has qualities that would allow it to be described as "wet." She's also saying the exact same thing that the Bush administration is saying, that we need to see the effects of the Dec. 15 elections before we can set up an actual pullout of troops. This is definitely makes her look like a 2008 candidate for President.

I happen to remember her "co-presidency" with Bill Clinton, as well as the whole national health care talk in 1993. Hillary already had her 8 years as far as I'm concerned.

Well, that's all for this post, true believers. I'll be back as soon as something new and interesting comes down the pike.

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