Monday, November 28, 2005

David Broder Signs On with Current Iraq Drawdown Plan

Okay, Mr. Broder wouldn't see it that way, but like I said a few posts ago I'm going to treat anyone who calls for military drawdowns in Iraq in 2006 as signing on with the plan forwarded by the Department of Defense and approved by President Bush. So, let's see, we've got a liberal-nanny stater columnist in the Washington Post agreeing that we can remove some troops in 2006 along with Democrat US Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden. So, when will other Democrats sign on with the 2006 drawdown? How many more of them will demand that the DOD does what it's already planning to do?

I just realized something. Playing with the newspaper industry's ability to spin the news to fit the editorial staff's worldview is kinda fun! Too bad I can't get paid to be a news pundit. I think I'd be pretty good at making the news fit my idea of how great or horrible things are.

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