Sunday, November 27, 2005

Daily Egyptian-- University's Talks with Feds to Remain Confidential

It looks like SIUC dodged a bit of a bullet this past week as the school administrators successfully stalled for time against the DOJ lawyers. It doesn't help much that the article shows what the DOJ is so ticked about:
* Since 2000, 27 students received the Graduate Dean's scholarship, none of which were white males.

* Since 2004, the Bridge to Doctorate fellowship gave out 27 awards, with no recipients being white.

* Since 2000, the Proactive Recruitment of Multicultural Professionals for Tomorrow fellowship was not awarded to any whites.
The article goes on to talk about Chancellor Walter Wendler's statement that it is his responsibility to ensure that the students on the programs in question are "protected." I'm assuming he means that he's going to make sure the current students will keep their funding in case the DOJ tells them to open up the programs or shut them down.

Of course if SIUC really wants to dodge a bullet, they can always give me one of these fellowships as a token nod to multiculturalism. I'm sure it would be given in good faith.

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