Monday, November 14, 2005

Daily Egyptian Blindsided by Federal Inquiry, Wants Everyone to Get Along

Not to be outdone by the Chicago Sun-Times, the student paper at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has posted this editorial and a follow-up article about the Department of Justice inquiry. The last three paragraphs of this editorial are a bit confusing:
Critics of programs like the ones being challenged at SIUC say they should help all disadvantaged students regardless of race or gender. This is a strong concern, given that southern Illinois contains the two poorest counties in Illinois.

We are long past the time when only the wealthy and well-born could expect a college education. It is a characteristic of our nation that we make education broadly available across the spectra of race, gender, cultural background and income. Programs like the ones for which the University has come under scrutiny are an important part of that.

We support the University's efforts to make the campus more diverse and to correct past discrimination, and agree that such efforts are inseparable from its mission, and we are confident this can be done without offending the U.S. Constitution ˜ or discriminating against anyone else along the way.
So, DE staff, are you for the DOJ inquiry or are you against it? Do you think the fellowships are fine as is, or do they require review to eliminate race and sex bias? The editorial seems to say that race and sex preferences are fine and dandy when it comes to choosing who gets an education, but those same preferences must be cut from the fellowships. The editorial staff needs to get a better idea about its position on this issue. In fairness, I'm glad they put something out there to acknowledge their awareness of the subject. The Daily Egyptian staff understands the importance of this DOJ inquiry, and I think they also realize that they got scooped on a very local subject. They'll get better coverage now, and I hope that translates into better articles.

Thanks goes out to Dr. Jonathan Bean, who sent me notice of this editorial and its related article, University Faces Federal Lawsuit.

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