Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Tuesday, Another Tuesday Post

Greetings, greetings, one and all! Or all one of you, whichever the case may be.

Since I tend to talk about all things Republican, let's start out with the tearful bribery confession of California Representative Randy Cunningham. He knows great shame? Thanks to Rep. Cunningham, the Democrats have another "culture of corruption" club with which they can attempt to beat us. It's bad enough we've got that with George Ryan here in Illinois. Guys like these need to be run out of the GOP, folks, and it's up to those of us who are party loyalists to find corruption and expose it so it can be dealt with immediately and so we can minimize the effect it has on national politics. Corruption is endemic to politics, yes, but we need to keep our own house in order and not give in to our baser temptations when it comes to political funding and favors.

Mind you, it's not like the Democrats are having much luck, either. Senator Byron Dorgan has a lobbyist friend of his demand contributions from Indian tribes in return for helping them out with school funding. Funny how the guy who is investigating this lobbyist for wrongdoing is also one of said lobbyist's clients? And isn't that U.S. Representative Bobby Rush who's being sued for failure to pay his mortgage? How can a guy who's making a Congressman's salary and whose wife works for the State of Illinois not be able to pay the $334,600 mortgage on a $215,000 home? I know that compound interest is no fun, but come on, Congressman Rush! You've got to pay your bills just like the rest of us! There's plenty of refinancing ads on the radio, too, if you think you needed a better interest rate. And why isn't the ACLU and the folks who want church and state completely separated hounding Rep. Rush for making statements like this:
n a statement issued through a spokeswoman, Bobby Rush said "over the past three years, I have used considerable personal assets in building a church. I do not apologize. As with any worthwhile endeavor of this magnitude, personal sacrifices must be made."

In May, the Chicago Sun-Times reveal`ed that Bobby Rush was using his political campaign funds to support Beloved Community Christian Church, where he's the pastor.
Come on, all you raging secularists and atheists! Chase down this six-figure-earning impoverished pastor who is also a U.S. Congressman! Take him out of office! Practice what you preach, if you'll pardon the expression.

No takers? Funny, that.

I suppose it just goes to show you that politics really is like sausage-making: pretty disgusting to watch. Maybe we'll remember to use better cuts of ethical meat in future elections, so to speak. I'll say this, though. I'll take these guys and their ethical problems over socialists, Greens and fascists any day. Our Democrats and Republicans are just fine, thanks.

The last thing for politics is my personal political barometer, based on how government is currently affecting me. My FOID card: Okay, State of Illinois, where is it? You took my processing fee, so I better get something for my money. Gas prices: Still not as good as it was when I graduated college, but not as bad as it was in August. In fact, it's about one dollar per gallon cheaper than August prices near my workplace. That's very nice. I even saw that new E-85 alternative fuel going for $1.99/gallon in Oswego on my way back from my Thanksgiving trip. Speaking of that, when did this whole E-85 ethanol fuel come into wider use? I hadn't heard anything about it until this past June when I saw E-85 pumps in Springfield. Alternative fuels means more innovation in engines, and hopefully a saving grace for some of the more mismanaged automakers. Maybe the alternative fuels crowd can give GM and Ford enough time to realize their business model no longer works and they have to start from scratch.

Okay, enough of politics. On to sports!

Indianapolis is now 11-0 after their win Monday night against Pittsburgh. I'm hearing more and more that the only impediment to a 16-0 season could be the Seattle Seahawks. I couldn't watch the game last night for fear of jinxing it, so I just listened to the radio broadcast instead. I now know where Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert wound up. It's a good job if you can get it, though.

The SIU Salukis football squad is 9-3, and they've gotten past the first hurdle in the Division I-AA playoffs. Wow. This is so unlike the past two years' worth of disappointment. Go Dawgs!

Baseball-wise, the Cardinals aren't looking so hot. They need more offense than just Albert Pujols, though the defense and pitching is still top-notch. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for some new blood to revitalize the St. Louis batting. We need it.

Finally, a little more City of Heroes talk. One of the nice things you get in the game is when you run by a citizen on your way to stop one crime or another, and they say something about how you keep whatever faction of villains and criminals in line. It helps create that immersion to make you feel like part of the game. There's also plenty of goofy little in-jokes here and there to keep the comic geeks happy. One of your contacts even sends you off to be the guest of honor at a science-fiction convention at a later stage in the game. Now if only the game was programmed to require you to fend of hordes of smelly convention-goers, dodge people who only want to talk about their D&D characters and NOTHING ELSE for hours on end, and keep one's sanity while strolling past the costume contest, then it might seem like a real sci-fi convention. Until then, it's just another day at the "office."

That's it for now, everyone. Have a great week! I'll be back as more stuff gets my attention.

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