Thursday, October 27, 2005

A little of this, a little of that

Harriet Miers has withdrawn herself from the Supreme Court nomination process, according to ABC Radio. Considering she had no federal experience, I don't see how she could have been a serious candidate. A theory offered this morning by a caller on the Don Wade and Roma Show on WLS is that Miers acted as a placeholder until a real candidate could be found. I'm not sure I agree with that theory, but it is worthy of further study.

A since-removed photo of Condi Rice in USA Today showed her with glowing, near-demonic looking eyes. It's been replaced by the unaltered version that an AP photographer submitted a few days ago. Geez, guys, show us what you really think about Republicans, huh?

Patrick Fitzgerald may have some indictments to hand down due to the Valerie Plame issue. The press is salivating, hoping that Karl Rove, their bete noire of the Bush Administration, their One True Nemesis, is indicted. I still don't see how a woman whose name and job were published in Who's Who in America can still be considered secret, but I suppose that journalists are like historians in that respect: if we didn't research it, it can be conveniently ignored for purpose of argument.

In matters of Illinois politics, Ol' Blaggie's "All Kids" plan passed the Senate, providing more state-funded health care for kids without telling us how he's paying for it. Add troubles with CMS "efficiency savings" and their trouble in documenting it, problems with no-bid contracts and a federal investigation into Governor Blagojevich's hiring practices, and we could see the Executive Mansion return to Republican hands next year. Mark Gordon of the Senate Republican Staff has been sending out lots of good information on these issues, and I'm happy to send them along to you if there's interest. For all of Ol' Blaggie's talk about savings, we haven't seen much have we?

And in other news, were I ever to be elected governor, I would ensure that Mel-O-Cream doughnuts would become a fixture at the gubernatorial breakfast table. Funding for this program will come out of the governor's salary, and a possible city-wide ban on doughnuts from establishments who are alliteratively named may also ensue were I to serve in Springfield.

Last night was the final night for beta-testing in City of Villains where the villainous denizens of the Rogue Isles repelled an invasion of numerous heroes led by Statesman and the rest of the Freedom Phalanx. Much fun was had by all, despite all of the lag time during the invasion. Huzzah to the forces of four-color villainy!

Mind you, I'll be bringing my heroes to the Rogue Isles every so often, so any villains out there are obliged to run and hide for fear of being brought to justice.

Finally, congratulations to the Chicago White Sox on their sweep of the Houston Astros in the World Series. I wonder if John at MarathonPundit has finished celebrating? I only have this to say in closing. Next year in St. Louis!

Take it easy, everyone.

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