Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In Which the Author Shamelessly Apes the Stylings of Jay Nordlinger'sImpromptus

I'm trying something a little different today, a way to get multiple thoughts into a single post. Mr. Nordlinger's column at National Review Online is one of my must-reads during the week, so today I try to pay a little homage to him.

First things first: Yes, Mom and Dad, I'm fine. Things are boring, but the roommates and I are doing well. You only need to worry if I don't post anything on the blog for a couple of weeks or so. I'll also be heading home for Thanksgiving, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Now, let's get on to business of a less personal nature, shall we?

Terrorists attacked the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad with three huge car bombs, including one cement truck filled with explosives, according to ABC Radio. The Palestine Hotel is home to many foreign journalists, so this was definitely done with that audience in mind. I wonder what Eason "US Troops Are Deliberately Targeting Journalists" Jordan of CNN thinks of this turn of events? Perhaps "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" does not apply in this case, Mr. Jordan. The enemy of your (ideological) enemy is your enemy as well in this war.

We have a new Federal Reserve head honcho. Will this fellow become a media darling in the manner of Alan Greenspan or will he take the Harriet Miers route and cause more arguments among Republicans? I hope to find out soon.

Rosa Parks has died 50 years after she transformed from tired and grumpy worker to civil-rights icon. Rest in peace, ma'am. There's nothing wrong with being tired and grumpy after a day's work, either. I think it's quite appropriate.

I do wonder if the man who had Mrs. Parks arrested realizes different the civl-rights movement would be had he been a gentleman and deferred to a lady as is only right. It might have postponed the general uproar for a few more years.

Well, while I can't provide any expertise on opera as Mr. Nordlinger does, I can opine about the soon-to-be released video game City of Villains. If you've ever felt like unleashing your inner Dr. Evil with some like-minded friends and be a humorous villain, this probably won't be your game. If you'd rather try your hand at being Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor, though, this will be your game. It's an expansion to the game City of Heroes, made by NCSoft and Cryptic Studios. Both games are an excellent timewaster and stress reliever for the comic book crowd.

Speaking of comic books: you can heap all kinds of literary praise on them, pretend that they're important to the reading public (which will always strike me as funny), and try to sound intelligent when discussing them, but the term "graphic novel" is still an affectation for people who are afraid to admit they read comics. When you need escapism, comics do well at entertaining you. Don't pretend there's anything sophisticated about them, no matter how high-falutin' the creators, fans, or critics act. No matter how serious the subject matter may be, it's still a comic book. There's nothing wrong with that label.

That's it for now. I'm fresh out of ideas.

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