Friday, September 23, 2005

National Review Online on Banning Gays From the Catholic Clergy

Over at The Corner, NRO's group blog, Kathryn Jean Lopez discusses the effect of Pope Benedict's ban on gay candidates for the priesthood. She also links to a New York Times article that goes in-depth about the ban. Kathryn thinks it's a stop-gap measure to start the seminaries over with fresh slates of candidates, but I disagree. I think there's a serious problem here that the Catholic Church isn't seeing. Banning gays from the priesthood will do two things: further reduce an already-small pool of applicants, and it will also further alienate a group that deserves God's love as much as anyone else.

Like I've discussed with various people before, I see homosexuality like this: it's a test of two groups. The first group is the homosexuals themselves. They're tested by God to see if they can avoid the temptations that such a condition brings. It's also a test of the heterosexual community as well to accept people whose lives are defined by something so inexplicable as who a person chooses to love. It is a test of us to love our neighbors despite the differences we cannot understand. (Mind you, their acceptance also depends on the personality of said people, too. If someone is being obnoxious, then their sexual preference is irrelevant to our correcting their lapse in good taste.) God puts everything on earth for a reason. He would not allow people with differing sexual orientations to be here if there wasn't a reason behind it.

The Catholic Church, my church, is doing wrong here. As parishoners, as members of the laity, we must tell our bishops to reconsider this decision and to discuss it further. Our Church is supposed to be universal. This decision reduces the size of that universe.

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Anonymous said...

This seems a bit disingenuous. The Catholic Church has had a major problem with priests molesting children -- and those guilty priests are overwhelmingly homosexual - in the US almost exclusively so. Indeed, with entire seminaries overrun with often very open and activistic gays, the Church needs to get a handle on this problem. This is a good and legitimate intermediate step towards getting an out-of-control situation under wraps, and need not be permanent.