Friday, September 16, 2005

Just Say No to Fake Native Americans

The repugnant academic wastrel known as Ward Churchill will be speaking at DePaul on October 20. The meeting is at 5:30pm, so I won't be able to make my way to protest. Unlike those who are further to the anarchist and socialist troublemaker end of the politcal spectrum, I have a job and the attendant responsibilities of said job. Those of you who have time off, or vacation, or are retired should go help the College Republicans at DePaul protest this shameful charlatan. It's bad enough that they get rid of Thomas Klocek for challenging students who support Palestinian terrorism, but to bring this guy in?

DePaul has a Master's program I like, but things like this make me glad that their university is off my list of potential schools.

Thanks to Thomas Cieselka for the information.

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John Ruberry said...

Dorothy "Slavery Repartations" Tillman is speaking at DePaul in October as well.