Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Deroy Murdock vs. Republican Overspending at National Review Online

I will sum up my thoughts thusly on this piece: PREACH IT, BROTHER MURDOCK.

We, the Republican Party are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsiblity. We, the Republican Party sent our congressmen to Washington in 1994 to curb excessive spending by the federal government. Where are the congressmen we elected to promote fiscal discipline? What's happened to our party? The highway bill's tacked-on riders are ludicrous. If anyone should lead the way back, let it be Illinois Republicans.

Congressmen LaHood, Hastert, and Kirk, I'm looking at you. Go back and clean house. Illinois has enough hogs, we really don't need any more pork. Spending money on some things is okay, but don't get stuck on stupid when you've got the checkbook. That's my money in there, too.

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