Monday, July 18, 2005

You'd think that having a much shorter drive home from work would mean that I'd have more time to post. By the time I get home from work, I really don't want to read the news for a while. I just want to relax and take care of dinner. There has been a lot of interesting news as of late, especially the Valerie Plame issue (or non-issue, depending on where you stand on this stuff). So, if her name got leaked, but she hadn't done covert service in years and her husband listed her name and job on his online profile, does it really count as a scandal? And if Karl Rove got it from a journalist, doesn't it show that her name was already out there for public scrutiny? Is this really an issue at all? From a security standpoint, I doubt it.

The only way it's an issue is because Karl Rove is a very efficient campaign manager, and the Democrats don't want to have him working for any other Republican campaigns.

As for the continuing fight with Fort Wayne, IN and Springfield over the fate of the 183rd Fighter Wing... I got nothin', as people are wont to say around here. My take on this is if the Department of Defense is trying to take Springfield's aircraft away as punishment over the friendly-fire incident a few years back, then it's most likely the worst solution to realignment that DoD planners could find. Central Illinois needs a good air patrol as does northern Illinois. The 183rd is it for the most part. If the Missouri ANG squadron out of St. Louis is still there, then Southern Illinois is fine, but what about everything north of US Route 40, much less I-72?

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