Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Springfield Stays In the Fight For the 183rd

Once again, Springfield is presenting its case for keeping the 183rd Fighter Wing. I hope the hydrazine processing plant issue will help keep the base in Springfield. We already have the infrastructure and the environmental advantages, so why not keep the unit here?

And another thing... F-110 aircraft? Now, I fixed F-111s (EF-111As, to be exact), and I know that a base near my old home station flew F-117s, but I've never heard of F-110s. Searching for it, I see it's an old name for the F-4. So, what the Department of Defense wants is for F-4s to have their engines inspected at Springfield? No one uses them anymore, except maybe for a couple of reconaissance squadrons that are far from Springfield. I guess maybe they're used as target drones now, I don't know. We certainly don't fly them on air superiority or anti-radar missions anymore.

(Update: Google is my friend. For whatever reason, F-110 is the designation that McDonell-Douglas gave to the aircraft better known as the F-4 Phantom II series of fighters. I have corrected and updated my comments. The reporter was correct in the report.)

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