Monday, July 25, 2005

SEIU and Teamsters Splitting from AFL-CIO

Wow, this is huge in the world of labor unions. The two splitting unions have a point, though, in that union membership is dropping and that the AFL-CIO board has not provided a successful remedy to that. The trade unions like IBEW, the Machinists' and Carpenters' unions have always provided training as well as bargaining representation and provide a good format for other unions. Unions like the United Mine Workers' Association have kept safety standards in place for their workers. Other groups like the UFCW (of which I was once a member) have made me suspect some unions' real goals. Are they all there to provide a good service for all their employees, or are they there to put the screws to part-time workers in favor of full-time workers? So I do understand the Teamsters' view. They're trying to keep afloat and increase their business share. If they can do so by splitting away from the AFL-CIO and forming a new group, more power to them. Going off and doing your own thing is very American, very businesslike. Good for the Teamsters and SEIU.

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