Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin tries to quell anger over remarks - Yahoo! News

Dear Senator Durbin:

Just shut up. You decided to equate our interrogators with the torturers of the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge, and Nazi Germany. Our techniques of interrogation are nothing compared to what those previous regimes did to people, nor have we fully determined whether or not the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have been deliberately making their own lives worse to garner sympathy. You do realize, Dick, that some of these terrorists are fully willing to urinate and defecate on themselves if it can garner some sympathy with easily-outraged types as yourself?

Normally, I'd worry that we were being too rough on our prisoners. However, there's a set of rules among the Geneva Conventions that we have not been following in order to get more information about potential terrorist threats. Senator Durbin, would you rather that we continue to interrogate these prisoners, or would you rather that we execute them on the spot for being unlawful combatants as per the Geneva Conventions? Which way would you like us to go, sir?

Actually, don't answer that, Senator Durbin. You've already slandered the folks who defend us. I doubt you'd be able to provide a good answer. And when you've got guys like Mayor Richard M. Daley, yes Hizzoner Junior, telling you to shut your hole because you've slandered our troops, you should probably do it. Just shut up and step down.


NYgirl said...

That's right we have been ignoring the Geneva Conventions which allow us to execute these criminals right away. I wish the press would talk about how we are not only keeping these thugs alive, but feeding them Orenege Glazed Chicken & letting some of them go.

You have a nice blog, hope you post more often.

Chris Gingrich said...

Check out's articles by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullo on his version of what's going on at Gitmo. Nice conservative Illinois blog. I too hope you post more often (although I too am guilty of sporadic blogging). All us Illinois bloggers need to keep up the pressure on Durbin. Check out's new ad as well.