Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brother, Can You Spare a Real Job?

Here's the deal. I'm sick of my job. I used to think "Hey, be thankful you have a job in these times" but after doing nothing but customer service for the past few years, dealing with managers who change your job duties with little or no warning, and being told that a support network is there to help you only to find that there's neither support nor any network of communication in your company, I've had enough. Being thankful to have a job is no longer cutting it. I want out of customer service, out of the call centers. I want to be a historian, a boring job to most. I want to research daily lives of people in the past, look through the information that shows how nations rose and fell, and see if there's anything to learn and apply to modern American society. In a way, I'd like to fact-check society. I can't do that while stuck on a phone. So, my little blog begging act starts here. Does anyone out there know of places looking for a History grad with a specialization in East Asia? I'll do research, writing, proofreading, fact-checking, any of those as long as it actually uses my skills in a better way than is being done now. As of right now, my only writing is email, and my only research is looking things up in a small company database. Bottom line, I want a new job in something closer to my field than fast food, stocking shelves at a retail store or customer service. Libraries, schools, newspapers, anything that might actually have a need for a researcher are my best matches. I'll start immediately.

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Anonymous said...

I know how it is, having been an English / History major -w- some grad work. I remember the crap jobs .. bookstore supervisor, theater manager.. I got into IT, which does not directly address my former desired field, but is at least an intellectual challenge. Its harder to break into nowadays but not impossible for the motivated. Best of luck in your quest.