Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin tries to quell anger over remarks - Yahoo! News

Dear Senator Durbin:

Just shut up. You decided to equate our interrogators with the torturers of the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge, and Nazi Germany. Our techniques of interrogation are nothing compared to what those previous regimes did to people, nor have we fully determined whether or not the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have been deliberately making their own lives worse to garner sympathy. You do realize, Dick, that some of these terrorists are fully willing to urinate and defecate on themselves if it can garner some sympathy with easily-outraged types as yourself?

Normally, I'd worry that we were being too rough on our prisoners. However, there's a set of rules among the Geneva Conventions that we have not been following in order to get more information about potential terrorist threats. Senator Durbin, would you rather that we continue to interrogate these prisoners, or would you rather that we execute them on the spot for being unlawful combatants as per the Geneva Conventions? Which way would you like us to go, sir?

Actually, don't answer that, Senator Durbin. You've already slandered the folks who defend us. I doubt you'd be able to provide a good answer. And when you've got guys like Mayor Richard M. Daley, yes Hizzoner Junior, telling you to shut your hole because you've slandered our troops, you should probably do it. Just shut up and step down.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

I don't know if I can hammer out something like I did for Mother's Day, but here goes:

Dad, thank you for doing everything you've ever done for me. Sometimes, okay, more often than not, I'm a serious pessimist about how the world affects me. "The only easy day was yesterday" and other such phrases spring to mind when I'm alone. In fact with things going as they have, I've had a lot more bad days than good in recent memory. Yes, I've had a lot more boring and uneventful days than the other two combined, but work with me here.

My father has done what he was put here on this earth to do; he has kept me from making stupid decisions thanks to his advice, his humor, the wisdom that comes with old age and experience. He has given me plenty of fresh persepective on how to make my life in the suburbs as easy as it was when I still lived in Springfield. Dad, you have been my sounding board for my crazy ideas, my best critic, and my best counsel. You know you like to be long-winded, you like to belabor the point of your arguments at times, but I understand why. You're doing that so you have made yourself absolutely clear, so that anyone who hears you will understand exactly what's going on. When I joined the Air Force instead of finishing college immediately, you said "I'm not disappointed, but you'd better finish what you started." I know that you were proud of me when I joined, but you were also there to remind me that I had a larger obligation to myself waiting in the wings. I need those reminders every so often, and you have always been there to provide that service. I can't thank you enough for that. You have always watched out for me, and I hope that you'll keep doing that for me.

Likewise, I want everyone to know how proud I am of you, Dad. You have taken a lot of bad situations in your life and turned them to good. You could have stayed as a crane operator your entire life, waiting for one assignment to replace another as the city built itself up. You didn't do that because you knew you had a responsibility to me and Mom. You knew you had a duty to protect us as best you could. You did that both physically and economically by becoming a police officer. After a lot of contemplation, mental argument and rebuttal, and explaining your thought processes to yourself, you made the decision to do better for yourself. You took the classes you needed, went through the training that was required of you, and swore to protect the city where you raised me and provided for Mom. That may seem small compared to the duty that a man has to provide for his family, but you did it in style, Dad. I still read comics from time to time, and I look at the superheroes doing amazing feats of superhuman talent. They still can't beat you, Dad. Nobody can. I wish more children had dads like you. There would be so many more people who could look to their fathers as friends, counselors and well, dads.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.
Power Line: Newt Says: Censure Durbin

I can't agree with this more. Senator Durbin has decided to use rhetorical flourishes to damage the reputation of the very people who defend him and his career. He's given up reason in favor of cleverness in the hope that certain people will like him. Sadly, he has failed to make the goals set before him to reach true cleverness.

Senator Durbin, you didn't do much for the 20th District when you served Springfield. Now you slander the people who defend you, who do a thankless job to gather information to protect you. Censure is a light punishment for you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Marathon Pundit: Thomas Klocek files slander lawsuit against DePaul

John Ruberry has the latest information on Thomas Klocek, the DePaul professor who was fired for arguing with students over the fate of Israel. Read the whole thing, as they say.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brother, Can You Spare a Real Job?

Here's the deal. I'm sick of my job. I used to think "Hey, be thankful you have a job in these times" but after doing nothing but customer service for the past few years, dealing with managers who change your job duties with little or no warning, and being told that a support network is there to help you only to find that there's neither support nor any network of communication in your company, I've had enough. Being thankful to have a job is no longer cutting it. I want out of customer service, out of the call centers. I want to be a historian, a boring job to most. I want to research daily lives of people in the past, look through the information that shows how nations rose and fell, and see if there's anything to learn and apply to modern American society. In a way, I'd like to fact-check society. I can't do that while stuck on a phone. So, my little blog begging act starts here. Does anyone out there know of places looking for a History grad with a specialization in East Asia? I'll do research, writing, proofreading, fact-checking, any of those as long as it actually uses my skills in a better way than is being done now. As of right now, my only writing is email, and my only research is looking things up in a small company database. Bottom line, I want a new job in something closer to my field than fast food, stocking shelves at a retail store or customer service. Libraries, schools, newspapers, anything that might actually have a need for a researcher are my best matches. I'll start immediately.