Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Letter to the DePaulia from Thomas Klocek

While the Thomas Klocek beat is normally handled by John at Marathonpundit, I found a link to Professor Klocek's latest letter about conduct which got him suspended. Quick recap: Professor Klocek defended Israel's right to exist while speaking to students associated with Students For Justice In Palestine. The students filed a complaint with Dean Susanne Dumbleton, accusing him of being offensive and disruptive, including throwing papers and making obscene gestures to the students. Rather than have a proper hearing, Professor Klocek found himself suspended from teaching. In the above link, the Professor once again states his actions for public viewing.

This is one of those "free speech vs. protected speech" issues that needs to be brought to the attention of my fellow Illinoisans. A professor is being fired for providing a counterargument to claims made by a student group. If debate is stifled on a college campus, how are students supposed to be able to make well-informed decisions on political and social matters?

Thanks to Thomas Ciesielka for sending this on to me.

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