Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Professor Under Fire, This Time at DePaul

John Ruberry at MarathonPundit has been keeping up-to-date on the case of Professor Thomas Klocek, an adjunct professor at DePaul University who was removed for arguing with students about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Professor Klocek disagreed with the students equating Israelis with Nazis, and disagreed quite vociferously. John has a copy of a fellow Professor's defense of Dr. Klocek, written by Jonathan Cohen, Professor of Mathemeatics at DePaul. Read the letter as published in DePaul's school paper, then read the unedited version. Is the DePaulia trying to ruin the image of its school?

DePaul is still (supposedly) a Catholic university. It should try to keep Jew-bashers to a minimum on the campus, even if said Jew-bashers are enamored with a "glorious armed struggle" or however they're trying to describe their desire to cheer on murders based on religion and jealousy. Inciting religious-based hatred of a particular group is not exactly the best way to honor our previous Pope, now, is it? These shameful actions of DePaul's administration really make me wonder if I should even consider applying to DePaul's grad school for a Master's or Ph.D in History.

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