Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tribune Architecture Critic Pans Lincoln Presidential Library

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The article reads like someone is mad that the presidential library was put in Springfield. From anger about the design to snarky comments about the displays, the architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune really writes like someone who is jealous that the great and mighty City of Chicago didn't get the nod for the library.

Did Abraham Lincoln live in Chicago? No. Did he live in Springfield? Yes. Springfield's relationship to our former President is far more intimate than Chicago's. If you go through my hometown, you will see the effect that this one man had on the city. The iconography of Abraham Lincoln is intertwined with Springfield's character. The Presidential Library is a benefit to Springfield, whereas in Chicago it would be lost in the shuffle. So, to our erstwhile columnist: deal with it. Chicago lost out to Springfield. Go take your sour grapes elsewhere.

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Well said!