Monday, April 04, 2005


I want everyone to go out and celebrate my mother's birthday tonight. That's right, everyone! I want everyone who's reading this to go out and raise a toast to the greatest woman in the world, my mom. She is the definition of a great woman, yes indeed. She's always been a good wife to my dad, a good mother to me, a hard worker who goes past her duties to make things easier for others. She's done this all through life, whether it's been as a Den Mother for a boisterous pack of Cub Scouts, as a classroom mom even when she had to work, and when she's taken care of serious personal issues for others as a staffer for her local congressman. My mom has worked very hard to achieve what she has in life. That's why I want everyone to celebrate, to show appreciation of all she has done.

Mom, you gave me the very life I have today, a gift which I do my best not to squander or ruin. If I knew of a way to give something back to you that could equal all the love and support you've given me, I would do it. Someday I will be able to do that. Make sure that Dad takes you somewhere nice for dinner, ok? Either that or you could just have him cook a fancy dinner at home. But make sure to celebrate, ok? I love you, Mom, and I want you to have a very happy birthday.

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