Thursday, March 03, 2005

Stem Cells, Meet Springfield

Once again, the advocates for embryonic stem-cell research have trotted out a horde of adorable children to push for the destruction of human embryos in the search for cures to numerous diseases.

And this time, the State Journal-Register has balanced out the article with opposing voices. They've also laid out the costs for the "Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute" to the cool tune of one billion dollars.

One billion dollars? Even with a six-percent tax on cosmetic surgery, the rest of the money has to come from somewhere. It doesn't matter if it's spread out over ten years, that's still a big chunk of my tax money that will fund it once the six-percent surcharge is exhausted by demand.

Adult stem cells may not be easier to harvest, but they don't have the repercussions of involuntarily ending a very defenseless and vulnerable human life to save another. I do believe that life begins at conception, and that it is a sacred gift given to us from God. It should not be taken away from us before we have a chance to decide our own fates.

Yes, I have seen what happens to children saddled with rare genetic disorders. I've seen family members deal with diseases such as diabetes,Crohn's Disease, and MS. However, I would rather that research to cure these diseases be directed towards adult stem cells. No life has to be taken to harvest them. Adult stem cells have been looked at as the possible cure for spinal-cord injuries, and have been looked at as a way to help jump-start failing organs. So far, there have been far fewer successes among the viable stem-cell lines provided by embryonic research.

Adult stem-cell research is far more ethical and so far, far more successful in leading to cures of modern diseases. Even so, it's still too much for taxpayers to bear. If this goes to a 2006 referendum, I'm voting no based on ethical, religious and fiscal reasons.

(And I'll also get the research done about the comparative successes between adult and embryonic stem-cells and link them here. Don't let it be said that I'll go into an argument without being able to find something to back up my claims. Well, except for my dislike of most non-animated tv or movies. That's purely a near-arbitrary choice.)

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