Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Thought This Stuff Went Out of Fashion Five Years Ago:

Bill Kristol, a former aide to Dan Quayle and bigwig pundit among the "Shadowy Neoconservative Movement" that plagues neosocialists and other Lefties, found himself with a face full of pie while speaking at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. It's a lovely college according to my roommates, who both attended the little Quaker-founded school. According to the Indianapolis Star report, the students who were actually there to hear Mr. Kristol were very displeased with the abnormal student's protest action. It's also amusing to see how something like this could have happened at a school with a Peace Studies program.

Apparently the student may face expulsion. Good. This pie-in-the-face brouhaha needs to be consigned to the dustbin of "obnoxious political disruptions." It wasn't funny at SIU in 2000 when it happened to Governor George Ryan, or when it happened earlier to Bill Gates.

Don't people believe in actual debate anymore? Or are they too obsessed with getting in the paper that they refuse to make a cogent argument? Hopefully this incident will not be tolerated and not allowed in the future.

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