Thursday, February 03, 2005

SJ-R.COM - Hynes: 'Governing is not his strong suit'

Ouch. Well, Bernard Schoenburg has done it again, putting together a great column about the goings-on in the Statehouse.

Dan Hynes has brought up the 10,000 late contracts thing again. This time he's added more fuel to the fire by saying that Ol' Blaggie doesn't govern very well. On top of it all, he's still refusing to pay for the flu vaccines we didn't use. He's doing it to save us some money and show some fiscal responsbility.

So, this is what it's like to be in agreement with an Illinois Democrat. Wow.

If Governor Blagojevich is running the state as going from one crisis to another, money be damned, then we really need to rethink who we're going to put in the Executive Mansion in 2006.

Oh, that's right, Ol' Blaggie doesn't want to live in our little state capital. He doesn't want to live in the house provided for him so he can get to his office as quickly as possible. He'd rather spend precious state money flying to work.

If we're going to rethink who we want in the Governor's Mansion, let's think Ray LaHood.

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Anonymous said...

You want Ray? I'm surprised.

Try to get over the horrible midi music, but

- E