Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hynes refuses to pay for vaccine

Never let it be said I'll tell a state official to spend more on my behalf when it comes to medical services. Dan Hynes is doing the right thing. I was listening to him on WLS Tuesday morning as he talked to Don Wade & Roma about why he was not paying off the British drug firm that produced the extra flu vaccine. I understand that Ecosse Hospital Products of the UK was doing business and trying to make some money, but according to Mr. Hynes, the contract didn't reach his desk until well after the governor made the deal. Now Ol' Blaggie is trying to get the Comptroller to pay for vaccine that we don't even have. According to Comptroller Hynes, there have been 10,000 late contracts like this in the past two years. 10,000 contracts after the work has been done. How are we sure that the right work got done? How are we sure that the contractors weren't padding their time? All of these contracts have come from services relating to the Governor's office and its attendant bureaus, according to Comptroller Hynes.

Free advice to Ray LaHood if he's still considering the run for governor in 2006: This is a great point to use about Rod Blagojevich. He's making deals and we aren't sure if we're paying out the right amount of money. We could be paying too much, and are we willing to keep overpaying with all these budget deficits that have shown up?

And to anyone affected by this deal in the UK: I apologize for my Governor's rash behavior in the contracting and decision-making process behind his attempt at circumventing US law to buy your vaccine. The rest of us in this state were hoping for a more mature officeholder since the previous one was such a crook. We'll try to rein him in so you don't get your hopes dashed again.

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