Monday, February 07, 2005

$2.57 trillion budget makes steep cuts

The budget is still too big. The deficit is still too much. I think there are enough budgets and enough programs where the President and Congress could cut a billion here and a billion there, and prevent the deficits from being anything other than war-related. Where can we start? We may have to cut the things we want in Illinois: highway money and farm subsidies. There's a lot of social services than can be cut or better enforced to get rid of bureacrtic waste and corruption.

What President Bush and Speaker Hastert need to do is go back and cut further monies. Find all the non-productive programs, and cut them completely or limit the programms to current or reduced budgets until progress occurs. Necessity is the mother of invention, and lack of unlimited funds makes for a wonderful substitute for necessity. I'd rather they not cut veterans' benefits, but if necessary, cut back there as well as the Humanities and Arts endowments. Direct education funding to teacher hiring, earmarking it for non-administrative outlays. If you want more teachers, put specific restricitions on where the money goes.

I understand President Bush has to make compromises, but he can do well to aggressively cut funding back to survivable levels. I hope that the Illinois delegation to the House will ask the President to refine and resubmit his budget, with massive cuts.

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